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    KOANKO™ is a project lab specialised in development and marketing of innovative methods, services, software frameworks, applications and multimedia content.

    The company takes a balanced approach to exploring cutting edge ideas, reinventing traditional designs and venturing into the unknown.

    With the focus on projects with global appeal, KOANKO carries out its mission to enhance people’s lives by empowering them with innovative tools and computer technologies.

    KOANKO is headquartered in London, England.

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    The company is trading through KOANKO LTD, a private limited company registered in England and Wales under number 08754262.
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    154, 43 Bedford Street, London, WC2E 9HA, United Kingdom.
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    154, 43 Bedford Street
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    United Kingdom
    RHOMB | Framework for online social interactions
    In the core of all KOANKO projects is interaction of people who use the technology.

    Users, accessing information through computer, benefit from convenience, but miss out on social interaction, that as a result makes decision making less deliberate and, in many circumstances, renders the whole experience dull.

    One of the key elements in a successful platform is compensation for the missed social element by introduction of functionality that imitates it. Also by providing various metrics, user benefits from having a vantage point during decision making.

    The presentation of this functionality is a creative process that KOANKO undertakes in the form of development of a framework for online social interactions: RHOMB.

    The framework is a relationship database with elements of MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and broad functionality toolset to provide user identification, rating system, transactional tools, contractual tools, history snapshots and algorithmically formed opinions generated by analysis of user behaviour in given environment. All can be configured in real time and from custom perspectives.

    This framework is used in KOANKO projects and licensed to third-party developers. We are excited to introduce it to the world and see more projects powered by RHOMB.

    LISS | Language learning platform
    Communication through language is an essential skill, language represents personality, it is a medium for self expression - there is no need to emphasise the importance of developing good language command.

    We were moved by opportunities that computer technologies open for language learning. Accessible multimedia content, online interaction of people, application of artificial intelligence - all this create new learning methods and options to choose the most efficient ones according to personal requirements and learning abilities.

    KOANKO sees a business opportunity in this market and ventures into creating its own innovative language learning platform LISS.

    The platform consists of 3 levels of interaction:

    Level 1 is a user level. It collects, processes and analyses user information and presents it in the form of indices for content curators and developers and their live algorithms to create and stream bespoke content.

    Level 2 is a content curator level. We invite all language learning method developers to offer their services through our platform and provide them with unique user metrics and tools to shape methods to particular scenarios.

    Level 3 is content provider level. Each native speaker is a source of language intelligence that may be used as a hook for language learner if presented in the right form, in the right place and in the right time.

    Our RHOMB framework helps to organise all parties together and commercialise the offer.

    To provide a showcase example, KOANKO develops original content product for LISS platform named “The Sounds of English” which is a pronunciation training series of interactive videos, that demonstrates the abilities of LISS platform.

    FinIQ.money | Financial advisor platform
    The development of online technologies liberated many activities, previously accessible only to professionals, to a wider audience. One of these activities is financial trading.

    More and more people get involved into trading of securities and Forex market. But the real trading craze of the moment is binary options market.

    Unfortunately, people, lured by the promise of high returns, start trading without any particular financial education or training and quickly lose their money as Internet is overwhelmed with scam brokers and "experts" offering magic solutions and ultimate strategies.

    KOANKO sees potential in developing a platform FinIQ.money, that could tackle these issues utilizing our RHOMB framework while offering educational trading content creation and publishing functionality, group trading sessions, tools for trading strategies testing that would benefit begining and experienced traders, financial analysts, programmers and content developers.

    Simple Kitchen | Takeaway food platform
    We were inspired by the popularity of cooking TV shows and intrigued if there are many people who love cooking and have their own signature dishes to be able to do it commercially.

    To found out if people without particular qualifications can follow strict guidelines and provide services within set quality and time frames, we conducted a research and came up with a system of management procedures, that can be laid out algorithmically. By channeling this through RHOMB framework, we can offer customers assurance in the quality of provided services.

    As a result, we saw a business opportunity to empower people who love to cook with tools to market their creations in a simple and efficient way, with potential career opportunities and options to introduce this model to high street, revolutionising the traditional way people shop for food.

    Magic Everywhere | Cleaning services platform
    Cleaning is one of the hardest and low paid jobs. People, who undertake it, often do it out of necessity, because of the lack of qualifications, experience, language command or just to support themselves while exploring other options. In developed countries this job is done mostly by migrants with little or no proven employment history.

    Outsourcing cleaning jobs is common for businesses of all sizes and now becoming a norm for individual middle class customers.

    In the past year we conducted a research working with cleaners to observe common problems that customers and workers experience - variance of customer expectations and results, question of trust, communication problem, guarantees and insurance, quality control, services management flexibility.

    While there are a few innovative services exist on the market, our company sees an opportunity to create a platfrom, usilizing our RHOMB framework to provide better service for the customers and better options for workers, including career and entrepreneurial opportunities.